COLA Study Abroad Tips-Tara Paladino-Rome

6994106868_f0bdbc160e_zCredit: Maman Voyage

Places to Eat:

  1. The pizza place right by the ICCS (go on the trip and you’ll understand which one- the best pizza EVER)
  2. ANY cafe… still dreaming about the croissants.
  3. Eden, the cutest restaurant a few blocks from where you stay in Rome- so good!


Places to Go: 

  1. Tivoli, where you can go to la Villa D’este, which has over 1,000 fountains! So pretty.
  2. The Trevi Fountain… so pretty and so cool!
  3. The Roman Forum: a TON of Roman history and monuments that are thousands of years old. One of the coolest places to go.

16070570_61cf3f3620_z.jpgCredit: Jon Fife

Stores/Shops to go to: 

  1. Anything on the Corso (street running through the center of Rome- huge shopping area)
  2. Any store at the Spanish Steps: TONS of really cool stores in a beautiful part of the city.-Pictured Above
  3. Tiny fruit markets- one of the coolest parts of being in Europe is these markets, where they sell really cheap, delicious fruit!

7482121440_edc841fa86_z.jpgCredit: William Wood

Transportation tips: 

  1. Prepare to be in tight spaces with a lot of people- in my experience European transportation can be a little hectic.-Pictured Above
  2. Be flexible- it’s okay if you miss your bus, there’s another one coming!
  3. Stick together! It’s easy to lose your group while traveling but make sure to stay with people you know because traveling can include many different buses and trains and it’s easy to get lost in transition.


Random things to know:

  1. Italians like exact change when you buy things- very different from America where it’s a hassle to use pocket change.
  2. The exchange rate is pretty low right now so it’s a great time to travel to Europe!
  3. Plane tickets in January are cheap, another incentive to do a J-term trip!