COLA Study Abroad Tips- Ross Styles- Budapest


Top Places to Visit (In City)

  1. St. Stephen’s Basilica- Must visit. The Basilica itself is amazing, however the best part about visiting the Basilica is seeing St. Stephen’s over 1000 year old hand preserved in a gold box.- Pictured Above
  2. Hungarian Parliament Building- I’d recommend going twice. Once during the day and once at night to see the Parliament building lit up at night. The building is a gothic style and is by far the grandest building in Budapest.
  3. Margaret Island- Between Buda and Pest, Margaret Island has a 5k track, multiple parks and is a great location for a sunny day. Plus there is a ton of great food on the island!


IMG_1786Top Places to Eat  

  1. Frici Papa- Cheap and amazing traditional Hungarian food. I recommend the paprika chicken or goulash as they’re both staples in the Hungarian diet and taste great. (located down side road off of Oktogon)
  2. La Botte- This Italian/Hungarian restaurant serves great food, enormous portions, for a very affordable price. The location is great (down a busy tourist street, across from the Grand Market) yet you go into the restaurant and it still has a very local feel.
  3. Sugar!- Introduced to me by a Hungarian as “your candy wonderland.” Sugar has all the candy/cake desserts you could eat. The cake/pastry desserts are very over the top in their design so you might see a lot of people taking pictures of them. It is a popular post dinner location. (located off the Opera stop)



Top Events to Attend

  1. Mangalitsa Festival- An entire festival celebrating pigs! An enormous amount of food, music, and small shops line the street for this festival held every February. Music plays all day and it is by far the best festival I attended. It’s also free to the public!- Pictured Above
  2. Revolution Day (March 15)- Revolution Day is held annually and represents the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. The holiday is filled with events, food and music. It’s a great couple of days to go to Buda Castle or Hero Square and see all the Hungarian people patriotism.
  3. Social Events- Corvinus holds events at all sorts of location day and night. They can be a lot of fun and aren’t from the “socials” held at UNH.


Top Stores or Shops to Visit

  1. West End and Arena Mall- both great locations for movies, food, and a ton of stores that you’d never find here in the U.S.
  2. Pékség!- Also known as a bakery a pékség has more than just simple baked breakfast foods. They’re a must visit and are mostly locally owned so the variety is always different. The pastries are also enormous, delicious, and cost next to nothing.
  3. Tesco- What we’d call a “super Wal-Mart” only far cleaner and better set up. For all your big shopping trips I’d recommend going here. (They also don’t mind if you break large bills where some very small stores don’t allow you to.)


Top Transportation Tips

  1. Always carry your student card with your pass incase a metro officer asks to see it.
  2. Skip the taxi when going to and from the airport. Instead use a combination of the underground and the 300E bus. It’ll take an extra 10-15 minutes but it’s free with your bus pass, so you’ll save yourself a lot of money.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the underground as well as the above ground trams so you can get anywhere in the city with ease.


Top Random Things to Know

  1. Hungarians are the most punctual people I’ve ever met. Do your best to always show up on time.
  2. You’ll notice whenever an older person gets on the subway or tram young people get up and let them sit down. Hungarians have a great deal of respect for their elders. Try to treat them the same way and they will be extremely grateful.
  3. If you’re looking to convert the price of something from Forints to U.S. Dollars take the Hungarian price, drop two 0’s and divide it by 2. For example, if something is 1,000 Forint it is actually only $5!