COLA Study Abroad Tips-Rachel-Granada

8714477607_08094bb85e_zCredit: Ash Chuan

Top 3:

Place to eat

  1. Pollo Fresco – Granada has a lot of Shawarma and Kebab, but this one is the absolute best! My favorite was the ‘especial with falafel’
  2. Pasteleria La Cruzada – although some people say “Ysla” is the best pasteleria in Granada, my favorite is La Cruzada en Avenida Constituición. It has the best piononos (very typical to Granada) and pasteles in general, and it’s a great place to have some tea/coffee in the afternoon as well
  3. Los Italianos – very good ice cream you can get between classes!-pictured above


Places to go

  1. Parque de las Ciencias – If you’re like me and love to be a kid sometimes, you have to go visit this interactive science museum. It also had a tower with a great view of the city.
  2. Carmen de los Mártires – near the Alhambra, it’s an open garden where you can go to read, hang out, or just to watch the peacocks.
  3. Baños árabes – the Al Hammam is a really cool and relazing experience. Some pro tips are to call when you reserve and ask for the student discount (it’s only 28 euros with your ID and you get a massage!), and go to the latest session (12am) because it’s usually pretty empty and you can get a pool just to yourself!


7437855940_8c6819907f_zCredit: Flavio~

Events to attend

  1. Flamenco – there are many different types of Flamenco around the city, and some of them are really cheap.
  2. Bullfight – it was very interesting to see a bullfight in person. Even if you don’t think you’ll like it, it’s a cool experience and helps you see why some people love it so much.
  3. Ecomercado de Granada – a little farmers market that happens the first Saturday of every month.


Stores/shops to go to

  1. Kinépolis mall – best movie theater in Granada, and the only one that has movies in English. The only thing is that you have to take a cab there and back, but it’s not very expensive anyways. They also have a deal where you can get dinner and a movie for just 10 euros.
  2. Centro – Full of shops and great to just walk around
  3. Aceitunas Campotoro – has great artisanal foods like olives, olive oil and marmalade for cheap. Make great gifts!


Transportation tips 

  1. Buses – Learn how to use these soon! the map is a little daunting at first, but they will make your life so much easier. Also, make sure to get the ‘bonobus’ (the bus card) as soon as possible, the money you pay for it is just a deposit which you can get back later and they make each trip cheaper!
  2. When buying your plane tickets, flight through Málaga. It’s only an 11 euro/1:30 ride away from granada and the plane tickets will likely be way cheaper since that is a bigger airport.
  3. Walk – You can walk almost anywhere in Granada, and that’s the best way to explore the city, and find new things!


Random things to know

  1. People in Granada walk very slowly on the street and take time to relax. It might be hard at first, but take the time here to slow down a bit.
  2. Alhambra tickets are very hard to get once it gets warmer, so if you’re family is coming and wants to visit, make sure you buy them waaay in advance (a couple months at least!)
  3. Nothing happens during siesta and sundays, really nothing, so plan around that