COLA Study Abroad Tips- Rachel Swett- Dijon

12898155_994463177298882_8343655701777316520_o                                                                                                            Credit: Jim Parsons

Top Places to Visit

  1. Centre ville of Dijon, Place Darcy and Rue de la Liberation was always the easiest place to meet friends and plenty of cafes and shopping.
  2. The public parks like Darcy, Les Jardins des Sciences, and Parc de la Colombiere were always pretty and relaxing.
  3. La Tour de Philippe le Bon, where you climb up the tower with a guide and it gives a great view of Dijon.


Top Place to Eat

  1. Any boulangerie…really any of them! Never felt dissatisfied.


12888629_994463180632215_4548400726660552185_o                                                                                                        Credit: Jim Parsons

Top Events to Attend  

  1. Fetes de Beaune! So much wine you won’t know where to start, only about a 20-minute train ride from Dijon
  2. I love shopping so I’m not sure if Les Soldes count as an event but almost all of January is a great time to buy things for cheap.
  3. The parties hosted by UB were fun and you had the chance to meet French and other international students

DSC05252.JPG                                                                                                                  Credit: Jim Parsons

Top Stores or Shops to Visit:

  1. La Moutarderie! Dijon is famous for the mustard, and there are so many different types of mustard to try.
  2. Carrefour, seemed a lot like Wal-Mart to me, was always a good place to get the essentials, though not especially a cultural experience.
  3. Le Marche! I believe it was Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings all year round, the open market took place in centre ville and you could find great food and more authentic French products. I definitely recommend going to practice French while sometimes getting free samples

Top Transportation Tips:

  1. Go the Maison de Tram and get your bus/tram card and make sure to reload it every month! There’s a discount for people 18-25 and for 30 euros a month you can go anywhere around Dijon.
  2. I used the tram all the time because it was the most reliable and easiest to use for me.
  3. You could also get a bike as the sides of the road are better designed for them than here.

Top Random Thing to Know

  1. Be prepared for your host family if you live with one, to give you a lot to eat for dinner. Almost everyone I talked to, and from my own experience, your host family wants to make sure you don’t starve. It took some adjusting but I eventually was able to finish everything on my plate!