COLA Study Abroad Tips- Kait Carrion- Belize

 Top Places to Visit                               belize 1.jpg
  1. Cahal Pech
  2. Xunantunich- Pictured Above
  3. Succutz
Top Place to Eat
belize 2.jpg
  1. Pops Food has great breakfast
  2. Hode’s Place- Pictured Above


Top Store or Shop to Visit

  1. Magonia’s pottery place. David Magonia makes traditional mayan pottery and is really personable as a person.


Top Transportation Tip                                                       belize 3.JPG

  1. Bus and taxi’s are generally accessible and reliable. Very inexpensive as well.


Top Random Thing to Know                                                                                                                     1. The people are as warm as the weather. The food everywhere is pretty amazing you really can’t go wrong.