COLA Study Abroad Tips-Jacqueline Sullivan-Granada

450500420_73abc5024a_z.jpgCredit: Fred Shively

Place to eat

  1. The Bohemian Jazz Cafe – Get the chocolate ice cream!
  2. Biggies’s or the Garden – both great tapas places very close to each other
  3. Cafe Futbol – For churros y chocolate- pictured above


Places to go

  1. the Alhambra
  2. The mountain behind the Alhambra
  3. Albaicin/Mirador de San Nicholas (go to Mirador at night on a weekday when it isn’t crowded)


Events to attend

  1. Flamenco
  2. Theatre
  3. Soccer games

(4. Las Fallas – in Valencia)


4739788932_ac6b8cb064_zCredit: Adam Solomon

Stores/shops to go to

  1. Albaicin shops-pictured above
  2. Hipercor – part of the huge department store, Corte Ingles, it has a huge grocery store where you can find pretty much anything you want. More variety than the smaller grocers. But if you want good peanut butter go to Lidl.
  3. Go shopping in the center of town near Puerta Real. Lots of good clothing/shoe shops.


Transportation tips

  1. ALSA bus from Granada bus station can take you almost anywhere in Spain
  2. Flights to/from Malaga are usually cheaper than to/from Granada
  3. City bus system is easy to use, but you can walk to almost everywhere in the city


Random things to know

  1. If you don’t already know, Granada is famous for it’s tapas, and for good reason. If you buy a drink, you get a free tapa (small plate of food/appetizer) with it
  2. If you want to go see the Alhambra April-June, buy tickets well in advance because they sell out fast
  3. Lots of stores close in the middle of the day for siesta and almost nothing is open in Sundays (except some bars/restaurants/small convenient stores).