COLA Study Abroad Tips- Doug Cusack- Chengdu

15096528114_270c9ca3c9_zCredit: LWYang
Places to Visit (in city)
  1. Jinli Ancient Streets- pictured above
  2. Chunxi Lu shopping district
  3. Jellyfish
Places to Eat
  1. Back gate food carts behind campus
  2. Maocai and other Hotpot resturants.  Hot pot restaurants often put on shows during dinner.
 6804822768_012045b7e8_z.jpgCredit: La Priz
Events to Attend
  1. Sichuan Opera
  2. Spring Lantern Festival
  3. English song singing competition
Transportation Tips
  1. Don’t take the fake taxis.
  2. Busses go everywhere in the city.
8657708848_508a40a775_zCredit: 打錘子打
Stores or Shops to Visit
  1. Global Center – has every store you can imagine.- pictured above
Random Things to Know
  1. I found that many of the Chinese natives I met loveed basketball, more specifically the NBA. So I found when I told them I was from America a lot of basketball fans would ask me about the NBA.
  2. “Ganbei!” means you have to finish your entire drink
  3. Bring packets of tissues with you everywhere – most bathrooms do not have toilet paper.