COLA Study Abroad Interview-Nick D-Granada

17941730343_b5c2706c46_z.jpgCredit: Julia Kostecka

COLA:Tell us a bit about yourself

Nick: I’m a rising junior anthropology major, and after returning to the U.S. I’ll be working at a summer camp for the fourth year in a row. I’ll be completing a Spanish minor after this semester as well.

COLA:Why did you choose the Granada program?

Nick: I chose the Granada program because I’ve always wanted to live in Spain. I’ve had family and friends live here before, and their experiences were amazing.

5459551908_2980cd0915_zCredit: Nigel’s Europe & beyond

COLA: How did you finance your semester in Spain?

Nick: My parents supported me for most of the costs, but I am paying for a significant portion of the extra costs of personal travel and other expenses.

COLA:Did you feel safe and welcome while you were in Granada? 

Nick: I always felt safe and welcome, and never had any trouble while in Granada.

5458947643_0a2ffbf286_zCredit: Nigel’s Europe & beyond

COLA:What will be your best memory of being in Granada?

Nick: My favorite memory is the week I did as many activities that I had planned to do during the semester, but hadn’t done yet. I saw so much of the city in that week, and had so many great cultural experiences with my friends. Most of the activities didn’t even cost much, but were some of the best places I’ve been to in Granada. One example was the science museum, which cost 7€ and had some amazing exhibits.