Cola Study Abroad Interview- David Susca- Rome

coliseum christmas    The Colosseum during Christmas- UNH student

COLA: Intro: (Tell us a bit about yourself)                                                                                  

David Susca: My name is David Susca, I’m a RMP major and a senior here at UNH. I’m originally from Tolland, Connecticut. Here at UNH I’m on the Ultimate Frisbee club team. Besides Ultimate Frisbee I’m a big hockey and lacrosse. Last J-Term I studied abroad with the UNH Rome program for approximately 2 weeks.

COLA:Why did you choose the Rome program?                                                                      

David: I always wanted to study abroad while I was at college. By the time I got serious about going abroad, I wasn’t sure if a full semester would work for me. That’s why I decided to do a J-Term program. I was interested in the Rome program because the history and mythology in and surrounding Rome and Italian culture. The professor, Scott Smith, and I made a great connection, which swayed me toward the program.

COLA: Did you find your course work pushed you to explore more of Rome that you might not have otherwise?                                                                                                                

David: Yes the course work pushed us to explore more of the city everyday. We did two site visits and a lot of the “on site” aspects of the trip I enjoyed. Our professor pushed us to find things in our environment and explore them. He would ask us about our surroundings and to look out for certain things, which pushed us to keep exploring random parts of the city.

IMG_1089The Roman Forum- Ross Styles

COLA: Did you have a chance to explore Rome and other cities in Italy?                  

David: After classes we often traveled around Rome, going in shops and exploring the city. We got to see a lot because of what was built into the curriculum. We went to Naples for 3 days and had a chance to explore the city

COLA: Did you feel safe and welcome while you were in Rome?                                      

David: I think everyone on our trip felt very safe and welcomed in Rome. Of course leading up to the trip we were warned about pit pocketing but we only had one bad experience with that. I found it was best to keep my valuables in my front pockets or inside my coat. I just tried to be safe and keep a look out in touristy areas. The people were all very friendly and a lot of locals also spoke English.

IMG_0881The Tomb of the Unknown Solider- Ross Styles

COLA: What will be your best memory of being in Rome?                                            

David: Going to Vatican City was a top memory for me. I could have spent days in the City if we had the time. Part of our trip was going to the museum, but after that we were free to explore as much as we wanted. It was great to see how massive the Vatican was and everything inside. Seeing the Sistine Chapel stuck out as a memory I won’t forget.

COLA: How has it been readjusting to life in Durham?                              

David: Immediately on the way back I noticed the quality of food was different. The food in Italy is amazing so it was very different. The environment in Rome is also very different from being on a college campus. Being in a giant city such as Rome you can constantly go and see new things and explore neighborhoods. Being back on a college campus you can’t really do that and you have to take a bus to a neighboring town.