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Student Interview

COLA: Why did you choose the London semester program?

Angela: I’ve always wanted to study abroad for an extended period of time, and I’ve especially wanted to do so in London because of all the history. Being an English major, it was an easy choice!

COLA: Did you find your course work pushed you to explore more of London that you might not have otherwise?

Angela: A couple of my classes definitely made me even more interested in British history and culture, for example, my First World War I Literature class. I was able to learn more about Britain’s place in the war, and explore a piece of history that I had previously not been very interested in.

12291649205_ca43753ece_zCredit: Juan Llanos

COLA:What will be your best memory of being abroad?

Angela: I can’t pick just one best memory of being abroad! Just being able to live in a park, steps away from the city, was incredible. I guess one of them would have to be going out for a full afternoon tea on Sundays. Tea culture is so big in the U.K. and it was something you can’t really do in the U.S.

COLA: Were you able to carve out opportunities to meet locals abroad? How was socializing in London different from socializing back home?

Angela: It was more difficult to meet the locals than I expected. Not a lot of British students went to Regent’s, so most socializing was done in pubs, and it wasn’t that different from being back home.

8637808489_211d4d30bb_zCredit: Hernán Piñera

COLA: What personal and professional changes have you seen in yourself since you began your study abroad program? Are they positive or negative? Why do you think these changes have occurred?

Angela: Through studying abroad, I’ve definitely noticed slight changes in myself. I’ve felt more independent, and less afraid of going out to do something on my own. Living in a different country for several months, not really knowing anyone there, forced me to be open minded and handle situations calmly, so I would say these are positive changes. I had to be aware not to come across as a loud, obnoxious American when on the tube or in a restaurant. I think it’s natural for these little changes to occur simply because if you live anywhere long enough, that place’s culture and way of doing things will rub off on you.

COLA: How has it been readjusting to life in Durham?

Angela: I was in Durham briefly the other week for a meeting, and it felt so weird being back on a campus that for a couple of years has been my home. I felt so separated from everything that was happening. I’m sure I’ll readjust more once classes start though.