About COLA Study Abroad

This blog serves as a social media platform for the University of New Hampshire’s College of Liberal Arts (COLA) Study Abroad Programs.

It aims to give prospective students an idea of what their study-abroad experience could be, through the eyes of students who are currently or have recently studied on a UNH-managed program.


Taken by Morgan Fay

So…what is a “managed” program?

On a UNH-managed study abroad program:

  • A UNH faculty member serves as program director on-site or on UNH campus, or both
  • Students study abroad with other UNH students, as well as other US and international students, in many cases
  • Courses are aligned with UNH curricula, making it easy to fulfill UNH Major, Minor, and Discovery requirements
  • Students pay UNH tuition plus a program fee that typically covers room, board, and excursions
  • Students are eligible to apply their federal financial aid and most scholarships toward the cost of the program

The College of Liberal Arts (COLA) offers a wide range of managed study abroad programs that are administered by the COLA Center for Study Abroad. These programs provide opportunities for liberal arts students as well as students in programs and colleges throughout the University to experience and learn about different cultures and, in non-English-speaking countries, to increase proficiency in a foreign language. 

Because the college administers these programs, registration, finances, and other logistics are streamlined and simple. Students pay UNH tuition and a single program fee, which covers room, board, and excursions, and are eligible to apply their federal financial aid toward the cost of the program. Most UNH student services fees are waived. Students are guaranteed a full semester of credits (16) in the semester-long programs.

To learn about other study abroad opportunities, through UNH-managed programs outside of COLA, UNH-approved programs, or UNH exchange programs, students should visit the UNH Global Education Center in 310 Conant Hall, or view a list of programs at their website.  


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