COLA Study Abroad Interview- Olivia Olbrych- Budapest

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COLA: Tell us a bit about yourself

Olivia: My name is Olivia Olbrych and I am a junior Journalism major currently studying abroad on the spring semester Budapest Humanities Program.

COLA: Why did you choose to study abroad in Budapest? Why a UNH managed program specifically?

Olivia: I chose Budapest because I wanted a program that was managed by UNH. I knew that a managed program would allow me to travel with a group of students from UNH and I would still be able to have the same support abroad that I have at home.

COLA: Have you been out of the country before? If so, where? did this influence your decision to study abroad in Budapest?

Olivia: Prior to studying abroad, I had traveled to Europe twice. I have been to England, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden. Visiting these countries made me unafraid to study abroad in a country that doesn’t speak English as their native language.

COLA: What were your expectations of Budapest before arriving?

Olivia: I didn’t have any expectations coming to Budapest, I came in with an open mind and was really happy I went about it that way.

COLA: What was the most valuable lesson you have learned so far from studying abroad?

Olivia: I have learned to be much more organized and efficient while traveling. When you travel  around and stay in hostels with other people, you lean that you don’t actually want to bring a lot of stuff with you in case you loose anything. It is also much more difficult to be responsible for all your belongings if you bring a lot of stuff when traveling. My advice is to pack light!

COLA: What has your experience taught you about yourself and the world around you?

Olivia: I have learned that I am really independent and I am the kind of traveler who likes to be busy everyday. I like to fit as much activities as I can into each day when I am on a trip! I have also learned that people who don’t speak English as their first language are not as intimidating to talk to and you should not be afraid to visit places that you have never heard of or been before.

COLA: Did you travel outside your host city? If so, where was your most favorite place you went and why?

Olivia: So far I have been to Krakow, Vienna and Prague for long weekends. I have also done a quick trip to the mountains in Slovakia. My favorite place I have been so far has to be Vienna because of all the art and music. I also love history and Vienna makes European history come to life!

COLA: Tell us about the classes you are taking abroad. Have you had any memorable moments in any of these classes so far? 

Olivia: I am taking a bunch of interesting classes abroad. I am taking travel writing, history of Hungry, and culture of central Europe. We also have a field study class where we go on field trips every week! My favorite field trips have been the walking tours of the city because you get to learn the significance of where you are visiting!

COLA: Why do you recommend studying in Budapest? What are some of the benefits from studying abroad there?

Olivia: I love Budapest and it is so affordable for students to come here! It is also so easy to travel to other countries, you can travel very easily by bus to a lot of other cities.

COLA: What is one piece of advice you would give to prospective students looking to study abroad in Budapest? 

Olivia: Do not be afraid of not being able to speak Hungarian!

COLA: Any last comments?

Olivia: Do not be afraid to go somewhere completely unique for your study abroad experience.


Thank you Olivia!!!










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