Expenses and Funding- Kelly Marko- London, 2017

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COLA: Intro: What is your name? What year are you at UNH? What is your major? When/Where did you study abroad?

Hi! My name is Kelly Marko and I am a senior at UNH this year. I am a information systems and finance major in the Paul College. During my spring semester of junior year in 2017 I studied abroad in London, England at Regents University.

COLA: How did you prepare for financing your trip abroad?

The summer before my junior year, I worked a lot in order to save up for this trip. I was planning on going abroad so I knew prior that I had to save up money during the summer in order to fund my trip. I also worked over winter break before my trip which helped!

COLA: Did you spend more or less money then you planned when you were abroad?

During my time abroad, I spent around what I thought I would. I went to study abroad meetings before so I had a good idea on what my expenses would go to and how much I would actually need when studying abroad in London.

COLA: For students looking to study abroad in the same study abroad program that you took part in, how much spending money do you suggest they bring?

What was great about the London program was that we had a meal plan so most of our meals were pre paid for so I didn’t really need to think about buying groceries. After 5 months and traveling to 8 different places I spent around $5,000 which was expected.

COLA: What are some suggestions for students to experience their host city on a budget?

In London specifically, all of the museums are free so I would suggest to take advantage of that. Also, walking around your host city is free and when you walk opposed to use transportation, you can see every inch of your destination and get to know your way around by foot which is a great feeling. I would highly suggest walking over taking public transportation for most of your time abroad!

COLA: What did you spend most of your spending money on while abroad? 

I spent money of my money on travel and transportation. It was the most costly expense because you have to get to and from the airport in various places which always costs money and then going to and from your hotel/hostel/airbnb  and then the plane ride as well costs money. It definitely adds up way more then we expected.

COLA: If you could go back and change one thing about how you budgeted/spent your money, what would that be?

I would have stayed in more airbnbs to give myself to option to grocery shop. When staying in hostels, you have to eat out for your meals which we found to be more expensive when compared to staying in an airbnb which a kitchen and being able to cook our own food.

COLA: Generally, how did other students/friends studying abroad with you spend their money compared to you?

I would have to say we spent around the same amount. We all usually kept each other in check and made sure we weren’t making irrational purchases or going to places we knew we couldn’t afford.







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