On Site Director Tips- Budapest- Professor Stephen Trzaskoma

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Stephen Trazakoma is a professor at the University of New Hampshire. He has served as an on site director for the Budapest and Greece programs . He studied abroad when he was a student which influenced his decision to be involved in study abroad at UNH.

COLA: describe your program and the types of students who may find it appealing?

Budapest: all kinds, looking for Discovery classes and for something a little unusual compared to most destinations. Greece: a wide variety with some interest in ancient world, looking for short-term but high impact program

COLA: What are some of the challenges students have experienced in the past while abroad on your program?  How have you helped them adjust?

Recently mental health issues have become quite common. UNH’s procedures have changed quite a bit for the better, as have the resources and arrangements such as international SOS which is a service for UNH students abroad. Otherwise, happily, I haven’t had any recurring major problems. UNH students tend to adjust well to new environments and thrive in them.

COLA: What has been your favorite memory so far?

Too difficult to choose!!

COLA: How do you recognize when students are starting to adopt their host destination as their new home?  

I notice that when the students begin to report back to me things they have been discovering on their own that are out of the way or unexpected.


COLA: Is there any advice you would give to prospective UNH students that are planning on participating in this specific study abroad program?

I would suggest to plan to figure out your personal balance between academic work and enriching extracurricular activities.

COLA: What positive impacts have you seen on students who have studied abroad on this program?

I think all study abroad changes perspectives and opens students’ minds to all new possibilities for themselves and how they want to live their lives

COLA: Any last suggestions/words/advice?  

Go abroad! Go early and, if possible, go often. Studying abroad is one of the very best things you can do to boost your education.

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