Travel Tips-Granada Spring 2017- Lauren Lappas

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Lauren Lappas studied abroad in Granada, Spain during her junior year in the spring of 2017. She is a Spanish major at the University of New Hampshire.

Lauren traveled over 15 places and to 7 countries total. She lived in Granada but traveled all throughout Spain including Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Ronda, Malaga, Nerja, Segovia, and more! Also, she went to Italy and within Italy she went to Rome, Sorrento, Positano, Capri and Pompeii. She also went to Greece and went to Athens and Corfu. Since Spain is also relatively close to Africa, she had the chance to go to Morocco! Lauren also went to Amsterdam, Paris and Lagos, Portugal.

When asked what her favorite place besides Granada was, she said that Italy or Amsterdam had to have been her favorites. She said that Italy was amazing because she got to meet so many people from the United Sates that she is still friends with today. Additionally, she loved the beaches and obviously the food. Lauren said that the sandwiches and wine were absolutely amazing. As for Amsterdam, Lauren advised that everyone should try to go if they can because the city  was just nothing like she has seen or experienced before. Her least favorite place she went was Lagos, Portugal but added that the weather defiantly affected her choice. Since it is such a small place, there wasn’t much to do there she thought compared to all of the other places she went.

The place that surprised her most was Paris. She heard prior to visiting that the people would be rude but when visiting, she found that the stereotype was not true. She thought that Paris was amazing.

Two travel tips that Lauren gave to future study abroad students would be to plan far ahead and to save as much money as possible prior to studying abroad. She also said that when packing for a weekend of travel outside your host city, remember that less is more!

She thought that in terms of transportation, flying is more beneficial because it has more speed. She really was not a fan of the 8+ hours of traveling by bus. The main airline she used when she flew was Iberia and when she traveled by ground, she usually used ALSA buses. On the other hand, Lauren’s favorite form of accommodation was Airbnb’s. Although, she wished she could have been able to afford staying at more hotels. There was one hostel that she used that really stood out to her. This hostel was in Sorrento and according to Lauren, it was an amazing experience because it was a log cabin which made the trip that much more fun.

When traveling, she always made sure to be with at least one person in her program. During her first travel experience, she had one freak event but it allowed her to learn the lesson of making sure to always travel together with friends and stick together.


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Thanks Lauren!





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