Pros and Cons of London Life

“Life is full of beautiful things.” – Bri Leclerc

Bri Leclerc (second in on the left) and fellow UNH students in front of Big Ben in London, England.

Bri Leclerc (second in on the right) and fellow UNH students in front of Big Ben in London, England.

Bri Leclerc is studying abroad in London, England as a part of the UNH-Managed program, which allows students to study at Regent’s University London. She is a junior, Business Administration, Marketing, and Entrepreneurial Studies major, and in her free time she’s made herself comfortable in the buzzing city.

And in case you’re reading this and wondering if you should take a leap across the Atlantic, too, Leclerc is ready to weigh out her pros and cons of studying in London to help you make that decision.


Traveling around Europe

“So far I’ve been to Oxford, Bath, Stonehenge, Amsterdam, and this week we are going to Rome and Athens and Santorini, Greece. I have plans to go to Paris with my Mom in November and then to Budapest, Hungary to see some more UNH study-abroad students.”

Interesting locals

“You’ll be waiting at a bus stop at three in the morning and someone will come up to you and your friends and just strike up a conversation. It’s really fascinating. Everyone is so unique; no one is like the next.”

Making herself at home in London

“I don’t have a lot of free time during the week because classes are pretty strenuous, but on the weekends we go out to bars and have a couple drinks and casual conversation, then come back to the dorm for some pizza.”

Pubs, Pubs, Pubs!

British Pubs are a major part of the culture in London and the rest of England. So it is no wonder why Leclerc’s favorite memory thus far is one of the first night-time outings she had on a pub crawl in the northeastern borrow of Camden.
“It’s going to sound bad, but my favorite memory is the night that me and my friends all went on a pub crawl in Camden. It was the best because it was in the beginning of the semester, so we didn’t know a lot of people. Dancing around a pub like an idiot is one of the best ways to make friends! …That’s the night that I made one of my best friendships here.”

Bri Leclerc sitting in Vondelpark, Amsterdam, Holland.

Bri Leclerc sitting in Vondelpark, Amsterdam, Holland.


The University dining hall

“The British are not known for their food. Ew.”

Time difference of loved ones

“My loved ones at home aren’t as readily available. I’ll text my parents and my boyfriend when I wake up and it will take about 4 or 5 hours to get a response with the time difference.”


(In regards to the time difference) “Also, having to calculate what time you should post something on Instagram to get the most likes [is difficult]. I mean if you post at 9 am [London] time, everyone [at home is] asleep and no one will see it. That’s tough.”

A little bit of both:

Being pushed academically/learning to balance a heavier workload

“I thought that the amount of class work was going to be the same or less than UNH, and boy, was I wrong. There are 10 times more readings and the exams are pretty hard. The classes are smaller so there is a lot of discussion and a very large percentage of all your grades are based on participation.”

The verdict is in: After weighing the pros and cons, Bri Leclerc is certainly enjoying her time studying abroad.

The verdict is in: After weighing the pros and cons, Bri Leclerc is certainly enjoying her time studying abroad.

At the end of the day, Leclerc is happy to be spending her semester in London. Experiencing the culture of a different city and meeting new people every day are some of the highlights of her travels, and it is clear this trip abroad is just the beginning of her globe-trotting future.

And the truth is, every student that studies abroad will find his or her own pros and cons. Who knows, you may love the British cuisine…maybe.

But more than anything, Leclerc wants prospective students to realize that even if they do decide to spend time studying outside the US, the experience they have will be determined by the choices they make when they get there.

“It will be tempting to spend all your time sitting there in your bed watching Netflix, because you can,” Leclerc said. “But don’t. There is a whole new world out there, filled with opportunities and experiences. Take every chance you can to do something new. You won’t regret it. You will be homesick, you will miss your friends, but you will make a new home with new friends.”

Leclerc can be followed on her own blog, Wanderlust and Europeans.

And lastly, the very enlightened Leclerc wants everyone to know: “Life is full of beautiful things.”

Now go weigh your pros and cons…and come to the realization that it’s your turn to see those beautiful things.

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