3…2…1…Take off!

Interested in spending a semester abroad? Not quite sure if you’ll find what you’re looking for? Want to know more about the programs but don’t want to hear the typical and simple “it-will-be-amazing” sales pitch?

Berlin, UNH Summer Program, 2013

Berlin, UNH Summer Program, 2013

Well, welcome to your newest window to the world.

The purpose of this blog is to provide the real stories of studying abroad: by students, for students. Each week it will offer a new student, a new story, and a new piece of information to help you make your decision about studying abroad. No sugar-coating the struggles, no down-playing the triumphs; just the truth about students and their experiences in the study abroad programs offered by UNH’s College of Liberal Arts.

But most importantly, this blog will provide you with an interesting, eye-opening, fun read about some of your traveling, fellow Wildcats! So whether you’re researching for your potential foreign future or just want to get a little piece of the action while sticking close to home, this blog will provide the perfect read.

So stay tuned, get acquainted with the site, and be sure to save it to your “favorites.” When everyone on campus is buzzing about the new COLA blog, “Tales From Abroad,” you won’t want to be out of the loop!

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